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Welcome to Your Temple !
The APEXARENA where Collectors meet Tacticians. Competitive and innovative.
Build your Dream Army and climb the Ladder of the Built-in World Championship, through Epic Tactical Confrontations and Unique Battlegrounds. 

Romans, Carthaginians, Greeks, Egyptians, Gallics will all be here (If Kickstarter Campaign Succeed) awaiting you to build Your Path and Bring Your Flag To the Victory. 

Collector, Fan of Strategy/Tactic but not of 1 on 1. No worries you will be able to enjoy 2 on 2, Third Legion, Escape The Hill and up to 10 Battles variants (If the Kickstarter Campaign succeed), where win the battle will not always depend of the enemies elimination. 

But it’s far from over. The Unique battle to which you will participate will imply Battlefield impact, Weather (Yes, and better to anticipate it because it could ruin your plan), The Unique Deployment Phase with 2 different Stages and an amazing “ADAPT-AND-WALK” battleground.

With innovate Battles, Combining Parity, Skills, Surprise, Speed and Rewards. From New Comers to Experts The APEXARENA is really focus to offer to any one, thank to his huge diversity of battles and his built in 2 Levels of competition, an arena which fist perfectly to their level. 

Short Recap about what is awaiting you (If Kickstarter Campaign Succeed):
  • Ambushes. Allowing surprises and twists, Capitalizing on your Tactician’s Skills
  • Unique “ADAPT-AND-WALK“ battleground. Each way are Unique, With unlimited possibilities
  • Weather impact offering Epic Confrontations, with unpredictable Situations
  • Built-in Tournaments And Championship. Anyone can become WORLD CHAMPION
  • The first ever MMO with 2 Levels of Difficulty (Starter and Expert) Guaranteeing anyone a True opportunity to Reach their full potential
  • 3 Different Rhythms of Tournament. Adapting to all your desire
  • 10 Types of Battles if we reach 80K€. From 2 to 8 Participants, any one, at any level have His own Place in the APEXARENA
  • 5 Factions (Romans, Gallics, Egyptians, Greeks, Carthaginians)
  • Museum Level Units Accuracy. In Honour of warriors who made History
  • 4 Kinds of Tournament with True rewards clarity. All the CCG advantages without Drawbacks
  • Realistic battles with Simultaneous Attack. Deepening Realism
  • The All Time most Fair Deployment Phase, with 2 stages AND 2 substages
  • Quick Battles, And Ranked, With 5 Categories. Wherever, Whenever.
  • Your Rank, Your Skill, the Most Fair and Clear Rank’s ladder. Whatever you win or lose, It will only depend of the battle itself
  • Third Mystery kind: The direct path to Your Dreams
Teasing "Find-It" the Search Engine which can Not Lie
28th December 23 - 19:47

Before you ask me where is Plan D (Considering no news talk about it), it's pretty simple. It can only be presented in correlation with Plan F or Even Plan G. And Both being currently not Mature enough there is no way for me to Share "D".

So What it's all about, and what the link with ApexArena ? First you have to know that as long as Tactikast is Behind; ApexArena is too. Because We try to gather budget By several means. More Over each time you spend Money on one of our Platforms you are Helping us to fund the APEXARENA.

Personally I Even tried Pick Pocketing some people but usually they was taking it badly so I had to stop. Then I planned to Break into several Banks. But during the last operation We lost 7 Members of the team so it was at lost. (Obviously no, I would never do such thing, I'm not a Criminal …. How can you believe It ?)

And while Budget I'm seeking, it was clear that during my search when I was hitting a Search Engine (SE) Most of them was kind to be Extremely messy, I would even dare said, Heavily Inaccurate ....

Domain Authority, Hidden Algorithm, Some platform regularly ranking 1 whatever was the search terms or even results without any of the Terms …. This make a lot of problems for something no so complex (I  guaranty you that ApexArena Squads Battles are much more).

So at Tactikast we are surprisingly good Tactician and Despite the Dozens of Simulations I was running to understand how all the results I was getting was so inaccurate. And while I was spending Days to Solve The Legendary Enigma about how a specific hub achieve to always be so well Ranked while another would never reach page 3. I told me "You know, you would be better to Create your own than to try to find the invisible keys to HIT 1". So Without a moment's hesitation I started to conceive what I wanted to be the most genuine Search Engine we ever got.

  • The One Which can NOT Lie
  • The One Which can Not Tricks
  • The One Mandatory (As long content is Legal) to accuracy
  • Your One

And after Hundreds of Plan It was time To Summon It. So here we go, While currently it's more a Teasing than an Launch, we, To Tactikast, always want Feedbacks from you, So you can simply reach us on our Official Klupteem (You need to login First) or on Discord and we will give you a pass to allow you to test it Yourself. The only thing that we ask back is that you Follow ApexArena on Kickstarter (Or Buy a Subscription on Klupteem).

As always being low budget things goes slowly so it will take time for this SE to have enough content to propose you what you are searching. But the way it's Searching is Unique. And we can already find a lot of Results on It. More Over you can add yourself New Hubs, which get instantly listed in the SE. And help us to find new Platform Faster.

Tactikast Wish You Great Christmas Holidays
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